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We took the van out for it’s maiden run up to Mendocino last week and absolutely love it. Everything seems to be working well and is very simple/easy to use. You guys did a fantastic job with it, which we’re really pleased with. Feel free to have any potential customers talk to us if you need references.

We just wanted to say thank you again to yourself, Al, and Aniseto for making it so. Please let them know.

White Van White Van

With regards,


CeilingRepair (6)Just a quick note to say THANKS for the great job you did on the ceiling panel for my motorhome. Although you don’t generally advertise motorhomes as your forte, it’s obvious that your skill in Van conversions also applies to RV’s! The panel looks every bit as good as what the OEM ceiling treatments do elsewhere in the coach – I am very happy, and it saved the mfr a huge amount of work (cost) that would have been involved had they had to tear out the OEM ceiling in that area and replace it with new material as the cabinet there would have had to be removed along with the slidebox flange (and working upside down would not have been easy).

CeilingRepair (4)Below is a copy of the E-mail I sent my warranty contact at Fleetwood regarding this – they were planning on effecting a repair when they fly techs out to Yuma to work on the coach this coming month. Again – thanks so much for the work, and also for the expediency that you effected the repair with. I look forward to working with you again on a new project!



Attached are various pictures of the ceiling repair I effected for the drooping ceiling in the FWS, Bedroom area. As discussed, this is a panel covered with the foam-backed material purchased through Fleetwood parts, attached with screws covered by snap covers of the same ceiling CeilingRepair (2)material. I have not yet been able to reattach the cove molding at the back of the panel (below the TV) against the FWS exterior wall as I don’t have air in the garage where the motorhome is to power my pin nailer. I do expect to have this done prior to Yuma.

The various colors are due to how the camera flash (or not) lit up the picture area – dependent upon how far from the coach lights the camera was, and how much white ceiling was in the field of view, the lighting would vary. But I think these photos show just how well this worked out. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this quality of this repair meets the level of quality found throughout the rest of the coach, even if a bit different with the snap covers.

So I think we can cross this repair off the list now!

Brian Horner



Life on the road is great! Been taking the van off road having all sorts of fun! Got some GREAT pictures to show you…

Final numbers for the trip: 45 days on the road, 12 National Parks, 6,600 miles. Too many smiles to count.

The van functioned perfectly. The only thing I think I want to do . . . is a 4×4 conversion! Haha.

I will have a lot of pics to share, but I finally got around to writing up a build thread for the van. Hope you like it:


Joseph Audette


Dear Gary,

Custom Van & TruckI am becoming increasingly impressed with the experience, expertise, and dedication with the Personalized Vans conversion of my new GMC AWD Savanna.  The user friendly locations of outlets, switches, and storage, etc. take a few thousand miles to really appreciate! The recent disaster with Hurricane Sandy is a reminder of the emergency benefits of an even moderately habitable vehicle.  And that camper might not be on a pick- up truck when a disaster strikes. Over a half century ago, it appears those surfers had a great idea with their Woodies.

Custom_GMCHowever, it is a little daunting to bring in a brand new vehicle with bare metal inside that will be drilled, cut, and molded into the final product. Although I decided NOT to watch the major “cutting”, it was dramatic to observe the weekly progress.

Thank you for your patient coaching that help to decide on the larger windows, dual battery, ventilation system, bamboo floor, color and trim, etc.  The quality of each component including the challenging design and installation around a unique factory rear air conditioning /heating system is excellent.

Looking forward to sharing future adventures..


Mark Lindberg
Mountain View, CA

custom van interior


As a traveling landscape and gardens photographer I never lack for comfort or functionality while on a shoot, all due to your conversion of my simple van into my fabulous “Photomobile”. For any photographer who requires the most in a working vehicle, your design is superior to anything that comes pre-made from the factory. The bed is large and comfortable, the storage is boundless, the TV and the DVD are a must on cold winter nights. The accent lights give it class, and the counter top gives me a place to eat and cook. Your suggestion of a microwave has proved invaluable on a recent winter shoot where I was able to sleep and “eat” in Utah’s -20 below with comfort. I thank you every time I use the Photomobile.


Thank you again for a wonderful addition to my required “tools of the trade”. I could not be a successful photographer were it not for my photomobile. Thank you again and next time I get a new van, you will hear from me again.

The Odyssey Of A Van Conversion

Ever wonder how a van conversion works? Griff wrote a short story about his van customizing experience.

Griff Griffith Bryan,
Photographer Images and Light
Photographic Art

oregonHi Gary,

We arrived here after a great trip with the van in style and comfort. We love our van and the great job you did. Our friends said it was beautiful. We are happy campers.

Dave & Carol



We’ve just slept in our van for the 50th night. Our family of 5 can still sleep comfortably in it. The couches & storage module are great.

We are very happy with the conversion.

D. & M. H.



Hi Gary,

We’re on vacation, driving along the Oregon/ Washington coast. Sure enjoying your van conversion.

Thanks for the great job.

M. & A. E.

Dear Gary,

wine country

Our vacation has been great! The seats are very comfortable.

The beds are working out fine also. They sure give us more sleeping space.

All is working out well. Thanks for your help!

K. L.


Have been wanting to drop you a line lately to say thanks again for the great job you did on my ’08 Quigley 4WD Ford Van interior. Every time I am in the van I am just as impressed (if not more so) than when I picked it up after you did the interior for me – in addition to the quality work you did, the design of the interior coverings is timely and current. Although I don’t put a tremendous amount of miles on it, I do spend a lot of time in it – I’ve been known to just go out and sit in it in the driveway! I promise to drop by your shop next time I’m in the neighborhood and say hello! I was at a local (Fresno is now the closest) Dodge dealer today getting some modules reflashed on my Ram pickup, and in walking the lot I came across a New 2008 Dodge diesel Sprinter Van that has an MSRP of $45K yet they’re only asking $36K! It’s the long wheelbase unit with the high roof and dual rear wheels – a great van to convert into one of the many options you provide! If you know of anyone considering purchasing one to have you convert it, I can put you in touch with the dealer – just let me know. I stared at that thing for quite a long time thinking of just what I – you – might do to it! Again, thanks for working so closely with me on my van and converting it just the way I envisioned – I can’t be happier! Hope to see you soon…

Brian Horner

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Hi Gary,

Just want to let you know how much I love my new custom Sprinter. The ride is now unbelievably quite and the inside of the van now feels as cozy as my home living room. I’ve never had all my gear so nicely organized with a place for every board and every part I own. There’s even a nice spot for my dog to hang out when I’m out in the water. I especially want to thank you for going above and beyond and taking care of all the small details. It is now the perfect rig and the most fun and comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. Thank you again for your great work and your attention to detail.


Over the past dozen years, Personalized Vans has retrofired an Astro and a Safari passenger vans with just a seat/bed system. The work was precise and added a lot of flexibly to these mid size vehicles. Since then, we have talked about doing a full conversion on my next van.

The next van was a 2013 AWD GMC Savanna. After a couple discussions with Gary, we finalized the options, colors, and trim. The conversion is a work of art with lots of functional extra’s that exceeded my expectation. Indeed, the 3rd time was the CHARM!

Mark L.
Mountain View, CA

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A satisfied customer gave Gary this award:  Few people exemplify the belief in excellence, attention to quality, service to the customer, honesty, and appreciation for the best about which i write and speak. You do! GARY, you have become one of my best examples of what american business needs to regain.