Tips for Choosing Van Conversion Windows

Choosing Windows for Your Custom Van

Tips for Choosing Van Conversion WindowsPlanning to customize your van? You definitely should consider all the amazing custom features Personalized Vans & Trucks can add to your van. We carry a full line of accessories as well.

One popular accessory that we offer is windows. There are so many different window combinations to choose from. Here are our tips to help you decide when choosing windows for your custom van conversion:


Tint level refers to the amount of light that the window will pass through. Depending on the tint level, it can block UV rays and reduce heat transmitted in.


With the sunlight passing through, your van can warm up quickly. An opening window is usually installed with a smaller opening section to allow air into the van. On the other hand, a fixed window is a non-operational window. It is usually designed to let the light in and give an expansive view.

Security and Privacy

The lower the level of tint percentage, the darker the tint. This can provide you some security and privacy since people can’t see much of what and who is inside.

Windows not your thing? Well here are many other custom features that Personalized Vans can add to your van:

  • Running boards
  • Cabinets
  • Seats
  • Sofa sleepers with seat belts
  • E track and E track accessories
  • Dual battery systems
  • Inverter/charger to run 110 AC (such as microwave)
  • 110 AC Television
  • 110 AC Kitchen and bar items such as a blender
  • Light weight aluminum tool Shelving
  • Drawers
  • Barriers
  • Set ups for all the commercial cargo van

Here at Personalized we make your custom van dreams come true. Just tell us what you want and we’ll find a way to install it. And don’t forget, almost any van can be set up for almost any purpose!

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