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You say pleasure is your business?

How about a camping van with TV and VCR, sofa bed, A/C D/C refrigeration, dual battery system, a sunroof and few extra windows to enjoy the view?

Windsurfing VanA windsurfing van with raised fiberglass top may be more to your liking.

With a sleeping area… and your surfboard, of course!

Personalized Vans & Trucks carries a full line of accessories.

Door PanelsWe custom build door panels, headliners and walls, and install carpet kits and running boards.

How about comfortable, easy-to-sit-in seats for your vehicle? We use Flexsteel pick-up, RV and van seats in our customization.

And we can’t forget the alarm to protect your gear or the stereo to keep you company, now, can we?

Customize Van

We also build and customize the not-so-out-of-the-ordinary trucks and vans.

Personalized Vans & Trucks specialties:

  • Utility vans built for commercial work, loaded with metal shelving with partitions separating driver and passenger from the cargo area,
  • Subflooring, rubber mats, and ladder racks to
  • Contractor’s trucks with storage boxes, metal racks and bedliners.

Contractor Truck

Personalized VanPersonalized Vans and Trucks

Our name says it all!