Convert your Van into a Unique Windsurfing Vehicle

Enhance Your Windsurfing Lifestyle with a Customized Van

Windsurfing VanIs windsurfing your favorite sport ever? Do you want to windsurf all the time and as easily as humanly possible?

Consider customizing your van into an amazing custom windsurfing van!

Windsurfing is a sport that requires both wind and water in the right combination. On the Pacific Coast there are a lot of places that offers you great wind and water conditions. Traveling to these places is part of the overall windsurfing experience even if it is not always a thrill to drive through traffic and waste time getting gear ready at your windsurfing location.

Turning your van into a windsurfing van saves you the time and trouble each time you windsurf. It’s an incredible convenience to have a van where you and your surfboard are right at home and all your gear is organized and ready for action. Your vehicle will turn into a super-van that is part house, part garage and part luxury vehicle!

You could also use such a van for transporting windsurf equipment for others. Personalized can turn your ordinary van into a cozy home for you, your surfboads and all your gear. We specialize in converting Sprinter Vans because these Mercedes Benz are preferred by many over Ford, Dodge and Chevy vans. However almost any van can be converted by Personalized!

Not yet convinced? Look at our photos of surfing vehicles.

When you’re ready to make the plunge call Van Guru Gary Miller at Personalized Vans at 408-436-8244. You may also visit us at 491 Reynolds Circle in the heart of San Jose, CA.

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