About Gary

Gary and AaronGary Loves PinataGary is known with his satisfied customers for his trademark personalized service.

His email handle is van guru and you can contact him here.

He was interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle.


Read the many Words of Thanks that customers have sent!Gary even received an award from one of his customers.

Here’s a map & directions to find him.

Van ConversionGriffith Bryan (Griff) is an avid accordion player, accordion photographer, and *world-class* landscape photo artist. /Griff has been working with Gary for over a decade. Griff drove over 20 hours to bring his van to Personalized Vans in San Jose, and he wrote a short story about his van customizing experience.

Plaq for GaryA satisfied customer gave this award:

Few people exemplify the belief in excellence, attention to quality, service to the customer, honesty, and appreciation for the best about which i write and speak. You do!

GARY, you have become one of my best examples of what american business needs to regain.

Your friend,
Ron Wallen